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Chocolate Post will help you to send a thoughtful, personalised chocolate message to someone who deserves a sweet surprise. Make them feel special with a charming wooden box of handmade, gourmet chocolates that spell out your message.

Compose your message and order before 14:00 to have it delivered on the next working day or simply select delivery date.

  • A beautiful and wonderful present. The best gift I have ever received from my boyfriend.
  • I love chocolate,
    and it turned out that my boyfriend is quite a poet.
  • My wife is amazed by the chocolate message, and the chocolate is delicious!

We Deliver Your Message

CHOOSE a person you want to surprise, whether you want to send a Valentines gift or simply say “thank you”.

COMPOSE a short message, using our easy online order form. Write your own, or choose from our suggestions. You can see exactly what the chocolate message will look like when it arrives.

CONFIRM your order when you're happy with your message. Check the details, order, and pay using Paypal or your credit/debit card. We'll select, pack and deliver your chocolate message – all you have to do now is wait for the delighted reaction.

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Unique gift

What makes Chocolate Post special?


Our delicious chocolates are handmade by our chocolatier in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Each wooden box is carefully packed with the finest quality, handcrafted chocolate letters, and the unique box makes a beautiful keepsake.


Chocolate Post messages are flexible and easy to personalise. Choose either milk or dark chocolate, and compose a message of 1 line (up to 10 characters, €25), 2 lines (up to 20 characters, €30) or 3 lines (up to 30 characters, €35).


We offer next-day delivery in Ireland for all orders received before 14:00, and will send you an email to let you know when the chocolate message has been successfully delivered. You won't have to wait long for your message recipient to get their tasty surprise!
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